NASA: Is it Russian high-technological transport technologies stealing?


Information sources 2013

Tel Aviv decided to become the first city in the World with the maglev public transportation system.

SkyTran  is described by developers as “Jetsons” in real life. It is considered to be ecological clear, cheap, quick comfortable alternative to cars and buses.

The levitating taxi will appear in Tel Aviv.

NASA: Is it Russian high-technological transport technologies stealing? 

Information sources 2013

Double TU (transport units) are called as a taxi via web site manner or mobile application directly at the station; they arrive almost immediately. TU slide without any stops and barriers to the destination station. This reduces congestion and solve “the last mile” problems.

The engineers from NASA and sky Tran company have developed this system. It is based on the NASA center research in California, where the full scale working Sky Tran prototype is being built now Lightweight trailers are being made of composite materials; electricity is fed from the top over like trams and feeds them Sky Tran general Director Jerry Sanders notes that in the future solar panels will be equipped with guides. Then Sky Tran will become the “greenest” public transport system in the World. 

The friction reduction allows it to accelerate to 240 km. per Hour, while maintaining a smooth ride. In urban environments the speed will certainly be considerably lower. 

Why does NASA have Russian designes by Mr. Shumovskiy?


Russian designing concept ST*RAUS has been being

Widely discussed on the online portals;

  • ST*RAUS concept was introduced into St. Petersburg Transport committee;
  • into the American and other Embassies  /2002/,
  • Russian Federation President and administration, Moscow and St. Petersburg governments  /2003/

ST*RAUS basic concept distortion will lead NASA to the major errors…



 NASA colleagues are not looking for easy ways. Difficulties and high – risk transport inspire them….

They offer passangers to locate again into the crowd and traffic jams.

“Traffic jams under the clouds is the new earth’s problems brand, but at a different stage.


The greedy pays twice. Before this level technology “adoption” you must learn to think conceptually, must solve engineering security and harmony problems competently.

Analoguesin 1901

Идеям подвесных дорог над парками и каналами уже не одно столетие. Вупперталь славится своей построенной на рубеже 19-го и 20-го веков подвесной монорельсовой дорогой  WuppertalerSchwebebahn

Now a days ST*RAUS exceeds the NASA concept for many fundamental aspects: from conceptual and solutions (safety, manufacturability, speed, efficiency, flexibility, maintainability, price and more).

Being introduced in 1999 ST*RAUS system basic characteristics could not be announced by NASA in 2015, due to the fundamental innovative solutions absence and the common conceptual project model.

// (watch ST*RAUS project description).


We have 17 years hibernation of Russia and the lost profit is 1350 billion EURO.

It is important to realize that underlying ST*RAUS concept by Mr. Shumovskiy |1999| is basic. 

Foreign analogues clearly and once again proves it, emphasizing its price effect accuracy. 

The companies concepts, represented above, are fragmentary. They do not represent a monolithic, connecting complete and harmonious transport system conception; that significantly cuts their ability. In this case a Russian saying is correct: 

ST*RAUS is 28 times more efficient than railways. 

“You can’t erase the words from the song"


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